Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What The F--k!

Today I went in for my 3rd Beta. I decided to wait at my clinic so that I could be there when my HCG came out so that we could make a decision on which intervention we should use to get rid of this. After what seemed like an eternity one of the nurses came out and said "well, your HCG is 110.6 and your progesterone is 24.9." WTF!! I immediately started crying because this wasn't the plan. We were supposed to have some answers today and now I have to wait even longer.

A few hours after my appointment the "gas pains" that I have been having since late last night started to intensify to the point where I needed to lay down. I figured that it was just the progesterone so I wasn't too concerned. I immediately feel asleep and woke up a little while ago to find that I have started bleeding. With all 4 of my previous losses, I have never bled, not even with the ectopics. Just to be safe I called the "on call" nurse for my clinic just to let her know what was going on. I felt a bit stupid but her reassurance that I was doing the right thing by calling made me feel so much better. She had me take 2 extra strength Tylenol and I have to touch base with her at 9pm. The pain is fluctuating between a "my ovary is going to explode" type of pain with a dull ache across my back to pure cramps. I am thinking that it is too early for the ectopic, if it is one, to be causing this pain. Since my HCG is still low, I would think that it wouldn't start causing a problem until it got a little higher, but I'm not sure about this. I have been VERY lucky with my ectopics so far as neither of them damaged any part of my tube since they were caught so early. I am actually hoping that this pain is just my body starting to miscarry. I know that sounds awful but I really need this cycle to come to an end...I have had enough! Also, if this is yet another ectopic, this will be my third but it also means that both my IVFs resulted in a tubal pregnancy. Why would that be?

I will keep everyone updated as to what is going on. I an planning on this being uneventful but with me, who the hell knows. If everything stays quiet, I go back to my clinic on Thursday for a repeat HCG. If this pain doesn't subside or gets worse they told me that I would need to go to our local medical center tonight where my RE has privileges so I can be evaluated. I personally would rather just wait to see what happens. Obviously if the pain got so bad that I couldn't stand it I would go, but I would prefer to wait it out to see what happens on it own.  


  1. Krystyn,

    I'm sorry that things keep getting more complicated for you. I have no words left other than to say I am sorry if my correspondences earlier made this experience any more difficult. I understand fully why you need closure and I hope that you get it soon...without further incident.

    P.S. I love it when you are having horrible pain and they say to take 2 Tylenol. Does that actually work for anyone? I understand why they are being cautious, but come on.... I hope your pain goes away.

  2. Your words don't offend me at all! I am actually comforted knowing that someone else is thinking the same thing that I am...it makes me feel less alone!

  3. ughhh krystyn...i wish the madness would just end for you. you don't deserve this at all. i'm so sorry for all the physical pain you're in too. i'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hoping you catch a break. you are so damn strong!
    <3 <3

  4. So sorry about this! Please don't bee too brave though. If you're in serious pain get yourself looked at. This feel so weird to say but it's true: I hope this is the beginning of a natural miscarriage so that you don't have to go through all the junk ectopics bring with them. Thinking of you!