Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thank God I Am OCD...and a Control Freak!!

I called Medco this morning, which is my pharmacy carve-out through my insurance, to check on the status of my medications as I will need some of it for next week. When I called yesterday they said that a request for additional information had been sent to my clinic and they were waiting on that. When I called today they told me that they have no history of any prescriptions being sent from my clinic. What? So after 20 minutes on the phone with them I called my clinic and the insurance specialist was actually on the phone with Medco about my Neupogen. I informed the receptionist that it wasn't just the Neupogen, nothing was received. I called Medco back about 3 hours later and they finally had the scripts. I was so happy to find out that my insurance has authorized all of the medications...and boy is there a lot of them! The only thing that we are waiting on is the Neupogen..the $560/per injection one. I thought that I only needed 14 but apparently my clinic called in 30...umm, that is almost $17K for just that med! If this med gets approved I will be on over $35K worth of medication just for this one month!! That is ridiculous!!

I am absolutely praying that my insurance will cover the Neupogen. Since IVF isn't covered by my insurance, I just emailed the insurance specialist at my clinic to see if we could use the same ICD-9 code for the Neupogen that we used for the IvIg. Since I have CVID, I am hoping that they will just approve it. The cost of one IvIg infusion is roughly $7K and I have one every 30 days, so why can't they cover this? I know that I am sounding greedy but I don't care!

On a different note, I saw my doctor this afternoon and I finally told him about my Barcelona trip. He told me that I absolutely could not go being on these meds. He was going to write me out today but before we jump the gun I would rather wait until the first week of August to make sure nothing changes. I don't want to inform my company that I am not going only to find out that due to cyst or something that I have to discontinue these medications which would permit me to go. I am terrified about telling my boss but I am just praying that he will understand. This meeting is not a typical training, it is more of an informational meeting regarding the global status of our company as we recently expanded into other countries. Not that it isn't important, but I would think that missing this meeting over a training would be better. Reason #347 why infertility sucks!

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  1. i am praying everything works out for you with your ins. company, the medications and your boss. you don't sound greedy one bit! i can't even imagine.
    wishing you positive and peaceful answers! <3