Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank God For CGH!

Today was the day of my transfer. Since last night I couldn't stop thinking about something horrible happening. As soon as I walked into my clinic this morning I burst out into tears. I had to sit in the waiting room until they came to get me for acupuncture but I couldn't stop shaking. They ended up bringing me out Valium so I wouldn't be in complete hell until my transfer. I went up for acupuncture where I nicely fell asleep. After I was done with that I returned to the relaxation room where I anxiously waited for them to get me to bring me to the OR. A few minutes later they walked in and said "its time." They brought me into the OR and started prepping me for the procedure. My RE walked in a few minutes later. He said out of the 13 fertilized embryos only 5 survived. Out of those 5, only 1 came back normal. He said that prior to having the CGH results he picked to the two best looking embryos to put back. They were both blastocysts, and one of them was absolutely perfect. He was completely dumbfounded when he discovered that the perfect blast was severely abnormal. It had a total of 5 different trisomies. He said that it probably wouldn't have even made it to the pregnancy test but if it did, it would have surely caused another miscarriage. The other blastocyst had 1 monosomy and 1 trisomy. To think that if we but these back that I would have had another miscarriage makes me sick. The worst part, and this is why I am thankful for CGH, is that if we did standard FISH PGD, most of these abnormalities would have been missed.

I am absolutely beside myself knowing that I produced so many bad eggs. I was hoping to have a couple to transfer and maybe a few to freeze. I spent the afternoon looking up what all these monosomies and trisomies were, and I am appalled by what I read. Some of the monosomies and trisomies wouldn't have been recognized until the detailed ultrasound that is done between 16 and 20 weeks and at that time we would have had to terminate as the chance of survival is zero! I couldn't have handled that!

So, we ended up putting back one lonely embryo.

The embryo looked good but it was only at the morula stage (where it should be at day 4) and not yet a blastocyst. This happens all the time and still carries a reasonable pregnancy rate...more so considering that it's delays are not chromosomal in origin...which is usually the case. One promising thing is that the original grading on the embryos was completed at 7am but it wasn't transferred until after 11 and at that time it was already getting close to the blastocyst stage.

Now the wait begins. I am not sure when I am going to start testing but the absolute earliest would be Saturday as my Beta HCG isn't scheduled until Wednesday the 29th. That will be too early to get a positive but at least I can test up until my Beta.

Oh, and a bit of good news that we learned's a little GIRL!!!


  1. Krystyn- So interesting! If my husband and I are not successful with our next transfer, we plan to do the genetic testing. makes me wonder if ANY of my blasts are "normal." Wow...sounds like that "almost blast" has a great shot at bringing you a beautiful baby girl though!!! So freaking exciting!!! I'm right behind you in the 2WW!!!

  2. Did my post go through? Here from ICLW, interesting to read about the CGH as it is not available here

    Hope your little embie sticks around for 9 months, good luck with the 2ww

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  4. Hi! Stopping by from ICLW. Thank goodness for Valium! I'm interested in reading about CGH-- we opted to go right to donor egg because we didn't have insurance, but come to find out I also have an implantation problem so we are now pursuing surrogacy in India with an egg donor. Best to you! Bernadette

  5. Here from ICLW! I'm praying for you and your sweet little embie. Take care of yourself during this crazy TWW. I hope that she is a strong sticky bean! I think its crazy that they actually told you it was a girl! I don't know if I would want to know.... but I like being surprised :) I'm sorry that the others had so many problems.

  6. Oooh, just take good care of yourself. I sure hope there is a rainbow BFP for you at the end of this 2ww.

    iclw #36

  7. Happy ICLW!!

    I'm sending positive thoughts your way!! I'm sure you've heard this before but all it takes it one. FX

    ICLW #6

  8. Visiting from ICLW (#49)
    Hopeing this 2ww isnt too hard on you! I am hoping for you that this strong embryo is the one that leads you to mommyhood! REst up and lets that baby snuggle in!!

    ICLW #49

  9. My goodness, what a road you've had! I so hope for you that your little girl makes herself at home for a full, healthy, and happy pregnancy. How fun to know she's a little girl!!!

    ICLW #112

  10. Best of luck during the 2ww, so sorry the other embies didn't make it. I'm really impressed that they can see the sex already!

    My test date is also the 29th!

    ICLW #84

  11. Thinking of you during your 2ww and crossing my fingers for a great beta for you!

    {visiting from ICLW #53}

  12. Here with ICLW! CGH is amazing. Good luck on your two week wait and hopefully in nine months you'll be meeting your baby GIRL! (I can't believe you already know what it is!)

  13. wow! That CGH is awesome. Really makes you wonder doesn't it? You can't judge a book by it's cover huh?

    I will be thinking about you and wishing you luck!!

    From ICLW #52

  14. How great that you already know the embryo is a girl! It's amazing how genetics work, and I am very happy for you that they took the more detailed looked into the embryos and were able to put in your perfect girl :)

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    ICLW #7