Friday, June 10, 2011

A Little Change of Plan

Today I went for my "supposed" last monitoring appointment and it was decided that my body just isn't ready yet. My follicles are all between 13mm and 15mm so we are going to hold off probably until Monday to do the trigger shot. My lining is up to a 6.5 and officially has the ever loved "triple stripe." I have been told that the triple stripe is actually more important than a super thick lining. Since I am at a 6.5 now, I am hoping to be over a 7 by Monday. My estrogen more than doubled and is now up to 1657. No doubt that I am going to break 3000 this cycle. I just hope it doesn't get too high as I really would like to avoid OHSS. With IVF you can't avoid a mild form of it, especially if you have a sufficient number of follicles, but moderate to severe will lead to a canceled cycle. What happens after the eggs are removed from the follicles via transvaginal aspiration is that they fill up with fluid. If you overstimulate and they are too many follicles/eggs, the fluid retention is too much and you are usually put into the hospital where the fluid is removed transabdominally via a HUGE needle! I am at a good place right now and I would like to stay that way!

The fact that my follicles are all so close together in size makes me very thankful that I was on BCP prior to this cycle. One of my fears with using the Flare Protocol is that there usually isn't any type of down regulation which leads to follicle sizes being all over the chart which is why it isn't used too often. Since I don't produce a ton of follicles to begin with, my RE said that we had to use some kind of suppression otherwise I would risk not having enough follicles and I would end up converting the IVF to an IUI. Yes, the down regulation suppresses me a bit too much but it isn't a big deal. I just need to stim longer with a higher dose of meds. I would rather do that than risk screwing everything up.

So between now and Monday morning I carry on as I have been...vaginal Viagra 4 times a day (every 6 hours around the clock); Lupron, Menopur, and Follistim injections at 8:30pm; and baby aspirin, B6, and Dexamethasone at 10pm. I would also like to mention that this calm, serene type feeling came over me this morning. When they told me that I wasn't triggering tomorrow I was actually a bit relieved...I actually don't feel like an anxious mess for once!


  1. happy to hear you feel a sense of peace! sometimes a little break can do so much good! you will be in my thoughts! :)

  2. I'm so happy to hear about the inner peace you've found. I'm so excited about your cycle and it sounds like you are going into this with a GREAT attitude. You ARE a Positive Polly! :) Can't wait to hear how things go.