Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Have A New Lucky Number

As you all know, I had my egg retrieval this morning. I arrived at 7:30 and they started getting me prepped in the OR at about 7:45. There were 2 other cases ahead of me but the nurse said that we were running right on time. The nurse informed me that today was my RE's birthday so he was in a great mood. I wish I would have known as I would have brought him in a sperm cake or something (thank God he gets my humor!) As soon as my RE came in to start the procedure, the anesthesiologist pushed the magical drugs and I was out. The procedure took about 30 minutes but it took me a bit to wake up always does. I remember hearing the sound of my husband's voice telling me to wake up...I just kept yelling at him to leave me alone (I guess I was a bit out of it!) I then heard another voice and it was that of the RT from the other side of the clinic. She wanted to come over to check on me and to see what news we had. Since I had no idea what had happened she went to the embryology lab to inquire. A few minutes later she walked back in and said "take a guess." I was a bit worried and I thought that since I had 10 or so on the ultrasound that I would guess close to that as I know that some of the follicles don't contain eggs. I guessed 7. She smiled and said "add a one to that." I was totally confused at first but then it clicked. Holy crap they retrieved 17 eggs!! I just kept asking if they made a mistake...I couldn't believe it!

At this point I am happier than a pig in you know what, and I am ready to go home. I suddenly realized that I hadn't asked my husband what embarrassing stunt I pulled this time while drugged. My previous antics consist of me serenading my RE with the ever loved song "Dominick the Donkey", asking if they could perform liposuction on my ass, and also asking if people pass gas during the procedure...I swear, I don't remember this. Apparently this time I was rather quiet. However, my RE did comment on my socks and the anesthesiologist told him to take mine off and put his on me. According to my husband my RE said that I was the only patient that he could get away with doing that with. My RE is the him!!

Now we wait until tomorrow. I will be getting a call tomorrow morning from the embryologist who will let me know how many of the eggs were mature and how many fertilized. My goal when I first went into this was to get 6 good quality embryos to biopsy for CGH. I will not get greedy and I will be thankful for what I long as I have the 6.


  1. 17!!!! That's so amazing! I'll be sending happy "fertilize and grow" thoughts to the clinic's way.

  2. Congrats on the great retrieval! 17 sounds like the perfect number to me!!! Congrats!!!

  3. congratulations!!! so happy you had a great experience and things are looking positive!! :) and you crack me up! thanks for the laughs too!
    positive vibes!!