Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fertilization Report

At 8:20 this morning, I received the call the I had been anticipating. The head embryologist from my clinic called to give me my fertilization report. Since only 10 or so follicles were seen on my last ultrasound and 17 were retrieved, I figured that many of them would be immature since they were likely smaller. The embryologist told me that only 1 was immature and 2 were degenerated so we ultimately ended up with 14 eggs to inject. Of the 14 injected, 12 fertilized!! That is an 86% fertilization rate which is awesome!! He said that the embryologist doing the biopsies for CGH will call me Satruday morning to let me know how each embryo is progressing as we probably will only biopsy those with between 6 and 8 cells. My RE said that if we had a bunch that were 5 cells that he would recommend doing those as well. Shortly after that call, one of the nurses called to schedule me for my transfer on Monday. She is having me come in at 9am for accupuncture prior to the transfer. Since the results of the CGH will be faxed from the lab in New Jersey, we aren't 100% sure what time the transfer will be but she did say that they should have the results no later than noon. Once the transfer is complete I will go back upstairs for another session of accupunture and then I am home on bedrest until Wednesday afternoon. The only thing I am allowed to get up for is to use the bathroom. I can't even shower until Wednesday afternoon...yuck!

Although I am extremely grateful that everything is going so well, that excitement doesn't come without a price. I have been in pain since yesterday afternoon and it is actually getting worse. My stomach is so distended that I look like I am 9 months pregnant. They told me that I have to monitor my weight every morning and if I put on more than 5 pounds in one day that I have to be seen as that is an indication that my OHSS is getting worse. The nurse said that if it doesn't get any worse that it will eventually go away on its own in a weeks or two. If it did get worse, which I'm sure it won't, I would have to have the fluid aspirated out of my stomach. On top of all this my skin has broken out like a teenager and I can't stop peeing. I started my progesterone today and tonight I take my first progesterone shot and I start my injectable blood thinner. Unfortunately the progesterone shot is in my ass so my husband has to give that to me every night. At least it is only for the next 10 weeks!


  1. i'm sorry you are so uncomfortable! i hope the pain eases some for you! 86%!! awesome!! very exciting!!
    thinking positive thoughts for your upcoming week! <3

  2. I'm so excited for you!!! The awesome numbers just keep on coming...and you deserve them. I'm sorry to hear about the OHSS. I never had that, so I have no words of advice. I'll be sending happy thoughts your way this morning and Monday morning (not that you need them).