Saturday, June 18, 2011

Can We Say Psycho Bitch?!?!

Last night I went to bed actually excited for my Day 3 report today from the embryologist. I felt positive and like everything was going to be all right. I slept all but an hour or two with the pain that I am in but I somehow managed to fall asleep around 5am. At exactly 7:30am my phone rang and it was the embryologist calling...the same one that freaked me out the last time. She gave me a run down of what I had and asked what I wanted to do. My RE suggested biopsying anything 6 cells and over and even to consider ones with 5 cells if we wanted to spend the money. As I am contemplating what I was going to do and talking out loud she said "I am trying to talk to you and enter this information at the same time." Okay, I let that go. I then proceeded to ask her about fragmentation (little pieces that break off the cells as they divide) as too much fragmentation produces lower pregnancy rates and if I have embryos with a lot of fragmentation, why spend the money on them. She started to tell me which ones had fragmentation and before she even finished she said "you know, I really need to start working on this so what do you want to do." Okay, strike two. I asked her what she suggested (I mean, she is the embryologist) and she said that she was trained to biopsy everything. Oh really? Even ones that have 2 or 3 cells? And who is paying to biopsy the crappy embryos? She did say that she has seen ugly embryos turn into beautiful babies, so I told her to go ahead and biopsy everything with 5 cells and over. I thanked her for her time and she said "yeah, bye" and slammed down the phone. Three strikes, your out! I was so angry that I couldn't go back to sleep. I was so enraged that I couldn't stop thinking about it. All I could think of is her sabotaging my biopsy so all of my results come back inconclusive. Seriously, you work in a clinic where many people are struggling with such horrific heartache and pain that you would think you would have some compassion. I think its time for a new job. Thank you Ms. Embryologist for running my excitement and my good mood. So much for enjoying the rest of my weekend!

So anyway, on to the results. The first bit of news we got was really good. They originally saw that 12 eggs fertilized when in fact it was 13! They said that one was just a little slow to start. Next she went over the division of each embryo. When an egg is injected with a single sperm and it becomes fertilized, the cell of the embryo start to multiply. So the original one cell turns into 2, 2 into get the picture. By Day 3 you want most embryos to have 8 cells or damn near close. That's not to say that an embryo that has 4 cells on Day 3 can't go on to make a baby, because it does happen. So this is what we had:
2- 3 cell
1- 4 cell
2-5 cell of which one had moderate fragmentation
4- 6 cell of which two had moderate fragmentation
1- 7 cell
1- 8 cell
2- 9 cell

The 3 cell ones suck. The 4 and 5's are borderline. The 6's are one division away from becoming 8's (it happens so quickly so they are probably fine) and everything else is great. We are biopsying 10 embryos, 8 of which I am comfortable with. Normally we do a Day 3 transfer (that would have been today) but since we are doing CGH we have to do a Day 5 transfer. On Day 5 the embryos should be what is considered a blastocyst which is what the cell needs to be for implantation. Sometimes the embryos don't become blastocyst until Day 6. Here is the real kicker; even if you have perfectly good embryos, only roughly 50% of Day 3 embryos will turn into blastocysts. Since I am happy with 8 of them, that would statistically bring us down to 4. After CGH is performed we will likely have less...maybe none to transfer. Even if the CGH shows that they are genetically normal, the embryos could arrest between today and Monday. I was originally hoping to have 2 embryos to freeze so if I wanted more kids down the road or this fresh cycle didn't work, that I wouldn't have to go through the entire IVF process again. I now realize that probably won't happen. The worst part is that I won't know if I have anything to transfer until I am prepped in the OR. They can't take the embryos out of the incubator multiple times as this compromises them. So I could technically go through my acupuncture session and be all ready in the OR just to have my RE walk in and tell me that we have nothing to transfer. I am hoping that this is not the case but I need to understand that it is a possibility. IVF is a total crap shoot!

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  1. Hi there-

    I just wanted to wish you luck-I had quite a go round last cycle and only ended up with one egg. First I was told by them that it didn't fertilize, which was devastating. Then they called me back the next day and said "oh wait-it did, and it's now 4 cells". Then the next day it was only 5, and highly fragmented, so we didn't transfer. I think that there are a lot of what ifs that could happen...but seeing how many you had retrieved, and how many fertilized, and how many are growing, I think this report looks awesome. All the best to you!