Monday, May 30, 2011

What The Hell??

Late Saturday night, very early Sunday morning I started not feeling too well. Around 10pm I started feeling very nauseous and bloated and I had such horrible cramp like pains. I was unable to sleep at all that night. I got up around 5:30am and I figured out why I didn't feel so well. Blood was everywhere! Instead of bothering my doctor on the weekend (which I probably should have) I emailed the nurse from my clinic even though I knew she was on vacation until Tuesday. My discharge sheet says that if I have profuse bleeding, needing a new pad every hour, to call immediately. Okay, so my bleeding is not that bad so I didn't want to call. My husband started worrying me about the possibility that a vessel broke open from where one of the polyps were removed but I am sure that my bleeding would be heavier. What the hell could this be? OMG, could this be AF?? The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I have really bad cramps, I have been totally bitchy (nothing new for me), I have been craving salt and grease, and the bleeding isn't stopping. Considering I am on BCPs I figured that AF was at least another 2 weeks off as I have 9 pills left...and then I remembered every other time that my body has overrode the BCPs. It totally makes sense now. I took almost 4 weeks of estrogen which mimics the first half of my cycle. I than took 3 days of Provera (which mimics the second half of my cycle) and I started bleeding. I went in and had baseline blood work and an ultrasound done just to see where my body was at. Since I was on the Provera, we expected my Progesterone to be high, which it wasn't. I stopped the Provera and started BCPs which probably caused a total drop in my progesterone and now I have AF!

This morning I decided to call my clinic to see what they wanted to do. They are having me come in tomorrow for yet another baseline ultrasound and blood work. When I spoke to the nurse this morning I told her that if this isn't my period then I am bleeding from the surgery which isn't a good thing at all. Since it looks and feels like AF, I'm sure it is AF! Now I am just wondering what this is going to mean for the timing of my next IVF...

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