Monday, May 9, 2011

Timing Is Everything

Well, I now have 17 days left on the little blue pill from hell and I start Provera in 8 days, but who is counting? Those of you who have been through or are going through IUI or IVF know that we become planners; planners in the sense that we have every day of our upcoming cycle planned out...WAY in advance. We have notebooks full of different timelines based on different scenarios such as AF arriving late or having to stim for longer than expected. The day that AF arrives, we already know our approximate day of retrieval and transfer based on the average number of days we are on stims, we know the first date we could get our BFP, the date of our Beta, our estimated due date, and the date we should be able to see the heartbeat. My obsession, like many others that have had difficulty getting pregnant, started with the ever so popular ovulation calendar/fertility chart.

I started doing these back in November of 2009 after our first loss. I went off of the pill in July after being on it for 16 years. The next time that AF showed was 4 months later, right after our loss. Since my cycles were irregular, my OB/GYN suggested monitoring myself for signs of fertility including increased basal body temperature (BBT) and my favorite, cervical mucus (note the sarcasm.) After much research, I came across a forum where everyone was using these charts. Boy was I confused! Sex Ed. in 5th grade really didn't go into detail how there was only a 36 hour window each cycle in which we could get pregnant. Hell, if I would have known this, I never would have taken birth control to begin with! After realizing that I had to get up at the same time every day in order for my BBT to be accurate, I purchased a fertility monitor that would tell me when I was ovulating.

This thing was great, all you had to do was pee on a stick every morning when it told you to, pop it in the slot, and 5 minutes later it would tell you if your fertility was low, high, or peak. The only issue is that you have a 6 hour window to do this and my travel was making this difficult. I still remember having to take a flight for a meeting and having to use the coffin like bathroom on the puddle jumper of a plane I was on just so I wouldn't miss my window...not a fun experience! After 3 months of using it, it worked. After my second loss in March 2010, all I could think about was how I was going to have to do all of this temp taking, stick peeing, timed intercourse crap all over again. When CNY told me that I didn't have to worry about a thing and to just call them when AF arrived, I was relieved. Little did I know how much more worrying I would do! Instead of just worrying about when I ovulated, I was now worrying about every aspect, of every cycle.

So here is a rundown of the schedule that I have made myself as of today. This is subject to change based on my body not cooperating and the results of the SHG:

5/17-Start Provera with Estrace and continue for 10 days
5/30-Expected arrival of AF, Start BCP and schedule SHG
6/19-Last BCP
6/22-Expected arrival of AF
6/25-Start stims
7/2-Trigger shot
7/4-Egg Retrieval
7/7-CGH biopsy
7/9-Egg Transfer
7/18-Beta HCG
EDD 3/30/12 *this date is a bit overwhelming for me as this is the same exact due date I had from the loss in August. Now sure how I feel about this...*

So there you have it. I know that this seems like a bit much, but it makes the time that I have to wait so much more bearable.

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