Thursday, May 19, 2011

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Last night I had a bit of a hiccup in my plans, but it actually was a good hiccup! I went for a run downtown and as I was running, I noticed that things just didn't feel right "down there." I went into to the local coffee shop to check things out and to my total surprise, AF arrived! So as predicted, my body once again overrode the hormones and did what it wanted to. I ended up going to CNY this morning for blood work and an ultrasound and they confirmed it. So tonight I start BCPs and I am scheduled for a HSG Tuesday morning. I am a bit apprehensive about this for two reasons. First of all, I have never had a HSG so I can't anticipate the pain. I have had a SHG and that was a piece of cake so I am hoping that it is similar. Secondly, moving forward depends on the HSG. My RE already explained to me that there is a possibility that the septum could still be partially there and I may require another surgery. This would mean another 2 month wait until we can start IVF again. So right now I am cautiously excited, but terrified about the possibility of not being able to start. I am so ready!

So here is how the next 2 months are going to go if everything looks good on Tuesday:
  • 5/19-Start BCP and Baby Aspirin. Continue with DHEA, B6, and CitraNatal.
  • 5/24-HSG
  • 6/10-Estimated arrival of AF (I am like clockwork)
  • 6/13-Estimated start date for stims. I continue with above meds and both my husband and I take a 2g dose of ZMax. I start Dexamethesone, 5 units Lupron, 225 Menopur, 225 Follistim, and vaginal Viagra. Blood work and Ultrasound every other day for monitoring.
  • 6/17-IvIg Transfusion
  • 6/23-Estimated Day of Trigger shot with Novarel. Discontinue Lupron, DHEA, Follistim, vaginal Viagra, and Menopur and continue with everything else.
  • 6/25-Estimated ER
  • 6/26-Start Estrace, Lovenox, Crinone, and PIO Shots.
  • 6/28-CGH biopsy of embryos
  • 6/30-ET (yay!!)
  • 7/9-Beta HCG. If pregnant start HCG injections every 3rd day and continue with Estrace, Lovenox, Crinone, PIO Shots, B6, Dexamethesone, CitraNatal, and Baby Aspirin.
Just looking at the above timeline, now I remember why this process is so exhausting and emotionally draining. Once stims start, my entire world revolves around IVF. I am going into this cycle with a positive attitude. Don't get me wrong, there is a part of me that is completely freaking out about this but that is all just part of it. Prayers that I don't need more surgery would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  1. You've got my prayers. I think it is high time something goes your way...and preferably also goes smoothly. Don't you find an odd comfort in being consumed by the medication protocol? I always feel like the waiting...trying to find things to do to distract myself from the upcoming worse than the actual cycle itself. Needles, bruises, med side effects? Bring it! Makes you think about just how strong you are, doesn't it?

  2. Wishing you the very best of luck with your upcoming HSG and IVF (see, I'm thinking positive).

    ICLW #6

  3. Thanks so much ladies! I appreciate the well wishes!