Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And Their Off!!

AF has arrived!!! I went in this morning for my baselines and they said that everything looked perfect and I just found out that my blood work is perfect as well. Since AF started on Sunday, today is CD 3 which means that I get to start stims tonight! Since I wasn't supposed to get AF for another 2 weeks, I have been forced to revamp my timeline (which is just fine with me!) So here is the new timeline:

  • 5/31-Start stims. I continue with DHEA, Baby Aspirin, and B6 and both my husband and I take a 2g dose of ZMax. I start Dexamethesone, 5 units Lupron, 225 Menopur, 225 Follistim, and vaginal Viagra. Blood work and Ultrasound every other day for monitoring.
  • 6/6-IvIg Transfusion
  • 6/8-Estimated Day of Trigger shot with Novarel. Discontinue Lupron, DHEA, Follistim, vaginal Viagra, and Menopur and continue with everything else.
  • 6/10-Estimated ER
  • 6/11-Start Estrace, Lovenox, Crinone, and PIO Shots.
  • 6/13-CGH biopsy of embryos
  • 6/15-ET (yay!!)
  • 6/24-Beta HCG. If pregnant start HCG injections every 3rd day and continue with Estrace, Lovenox, Crinone, PIO Shots, B6, Dexamethesone, CitraNatal, and Baby Aspirin. 
  • EDD 3/4/2012!
I go back on Friday for my first follicle check. Last IVF I didn't stimulate very well and only ended up with 9 eggs retrieved so I am nervous about how many we will get this time. I am hoping with the increased dose of stimulating medications that we get enough eggs to work with...I just don't want to end up with OHSS!

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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is THE cycle!!!