Monday, March 1, 2010


Earlier today I had my first ultrasound and yet another blood draw to check my hormone levels. Everything looked right on track and I got to see the gestational sac.

They told me at my next ultrasound that I should be able to see the fetal pole and possibly even a heartbeat!

After this weekend's events I was a bit nervous to get the results of my blood work. Until we see the heartbeat, the only way to tell that everything is going well is by my hormone levels. CNY called me right around 1:30 and informed me that my HCG went from 740 (Friday) up to 4793.6 which is a 237% increase. They told me at this point I have nothing to worry about and should try and relax until my next ultrasound which is a week from today. I am also a bit relieved as this was my last HCG draw as my levels are perfect. Everything else will now be based on ultrasound. I am so happy!!!

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