Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another angel to watch over me...

Monday before my transfusion I had my weekly ultrasound to check the baby and we discovered that the heartbeat was gone. Because I was further along, they scheduled me for a D&C Tuesday morning. After not sleeping all night I decided 2 hours before my surgery to put it off as I was in total denial about what had happened. My primary care physician repeated the ultrasound Tuesday evening and confirmed that the baby had passed away. I rescheduled my D&C for Thursday morning and went through with it.

I will be taking a hiatus from life for a while as I don't want to participate in reality at the moment. I am sure that in time I will feel better but right now I am not okay. I appreciate everyone's kind words. I have had my phone and computer off all week so I apologize if I have missed any calls or messages. I am not ready to talk about this. Thanks everyone, for understanding.

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  1. Reading through your this post gives me a 'dejavu' effect in my mind. Tears are rolling down my cheeks and my heart is again busy trying to figure out why this happens with only few of us?

    Why 'GOD' always changes his mind and suddenly decides to take away those tiny angel's heartbeats while keeping ours beating? Its been 15 days but I haven't passed a single second thinking what went wrong? 'Why Me GOD'??

    I would never ever forget that D & C room and the last moment before skipping an hour of my life to not feel the physical pain of getting my baby out and then left with this indescribable pain... Will it ever get any better?

    Thinking of you Krystyn... Happy Blessings !