Monday, February 22, 2010

Where do I start??

Last Thursday we anxiously attended our consultation with the new RE. We were very impressed with the facility as it was both comfortable and relaxing.

We initially sat down with the doctor to go over my past history and to discuss the whole "baby thing." He asked me why I wanted to have a baby so badly and I sat there for a few seconds and I responded "because I can't imagine my life with one." He seemed very happy with that response as he was grinning from ear to ear. He then said "well, lets get started."

A nurse came in to get me for an ultrasound while another one came and got my husband to do the wonderful task of, umm...well, getting is Olympic swimmers into a cup. What this man won't do for me! Anyway, as the doctor was doing the ultrasound his total demeanor changed. I hesitantly asked him what was wrong as I didn't want more bad news. He asked me if any other physician ever said anything about my ovaries. I said "no, why?" He told me that both of my ovaries looked polycystic. He said that this would explain why my periods are so irregular and painful.

I joined my husband back in the consultation room and told him what the doctor had said. At this point I couldn't hold back the tears. The nurse and the doctor both came in and started discussing our options. He said that he recommends going right to IVF or the injectable hormones and IUI, at the very least. Since the insurance covers the IUI we decided that we would go this route to start. I walked out with 3 different meds I had to inject, a progesterone supplement, and a diabetic medication that is supposed to help with the polycystic ovaries. They told me to call them the first day my period started and they would have me come in for a "needle in-service" so I knew how to inject myself.

At this point I am now very excited about getting my period (I think that is a first) and don't you know that it never came on Friday. All I could think is that there is some greater being that absolutely hates me. Saturday morning...nothing...what the hell!! My husband saw how frustrated and stressed I was so he took me out to my favorite Italian restaurant. While we were there my emotions became very overwhelming and I started crying. Needless to say, I thought for sure that this bout of drama was due to my upcoming period.

Sunday morning I woke up and still nothing. I was so fed up! Well, needless to say we had a "kink" in our fertility plans, but it wasn't the kind of kink we expected...

We are cautiously excited!!

I went for blood work this morning and everything looks good so far. I have to go back Wednesday morning to make sure my HcG levels are doubling like they are supposed to. I could have my first ultrasound as early as next week. We are very happy and very cautious at the same time. Once I get through the next 8 weeks, I will feel much better.

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