Monday, January 18, 2010

Why me?

I was right, things are not looking so positive. My cycle ended abruptly. It is now confirmed that my body cannot sustain a pregnancy on its own as my luteal phase is way too short. A little medical info:

Your luteal phase is the phase between ovulation and when you get your next period. Typically this phase is between 12-14 days. During this time your body starts to produce progesterone, which will support a baby until the placenta takes over around week 10 of pregnancy. If your egg is not fertilized your progesterone levels drop, and you get your monthly visitor. Well, in order for a pregnancy to be supported, your progesterone levels must stay elevated long enough for the uterine lining to build, otherwise, a chemical pregnancy will result. A luteal phase under 12 days is considered a defect. My average is 9 days, with my current cycle being only 8 days. It is absolutely impossible for a person to stay pregnant when this happens. This results in continuous miscarriages.

I am not jumping to conclusions, but I am very upset. My appointment is tomorrow morning so I should know a lot more. Typically, they start to treat you with fertility drugs and progesterone supplements, and if they don't work, IVF with heavy duty fertility drugs are used. This is not what I wanted to hear but what can I do. I am fearful that my OB/GYN is going to want to take biopsies before starting me on anything which will delay the "baby making" process by a few months. Keep your fingers crossed and I will post an update tomorrow.

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